1910s fashion at the Paris racetrack

Thank you to everyone who came along to my presentation on 1910-1920s ladies fashions at Wangaratta on the weekend. It went really went, and the Border Mail newspaper popped by and wrote up an article as a result – here’s their photo (which I rather like).

Border Mail May 11 2015 475

Photo courtesy The Border Mail – you can read the article here.

The 1910s are such an interesting time in fashion – quite radical in a lot of ways, and I thought you might like these great photos from a Parisian racetrack found on Retronaut via Mashable. I love the unusual silhouettes and focus on shoes. Actually I really love the shoes: there are some good repro companies that are making shoes like these, for example American Duchess. There are some things I love about the modern world.

They could they be any more different to what ladies wear today? Even allowing for the colder weather (which doesn’t seem to deter many modern race goers either). I love how they’ve mastered the art of posing in these unusual ensembles, with some standing on chairs (to get a better view of the track presumably). I think there are some styling ideas that we can still use today here.


1912 Hobble skirts and parasols









You can see more images here on the original page.

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  1. What fabulous pictures. What I loved is that there are a number of those ensembles that would look perfect at Flemington in November. Thank you for sharing.

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