[Auction] 7,000 Costumes and Vintage Clothing Sale

I’ve just come back from a sneak peek viewing of a large collection of costumes and fashion that is being auctioned this Sunday. This is the private collection of one person, that was stashed in an historic home in the country Victoria and it’s quite a find.

Aladdin's Cave flyer

What: Costume and vintage clothing auction
When: Sunday October 27th from 10.30am
Viewing: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.
Where: 17 Wills Street, Melbourne
More information at the Glenelg Auction Centre site and auction Facebook page.

There is a mixture of film and theatre costumes, fancy dress costumes (especially lots of childrenswear) and authentic vintage.

Most of the vintage is from the ’60s to the ’80s with a smattering of early to mid 1990s with some great prints and bright colours. Quite a few military uniforms of different types and eras and leather jackets, skirts and coats. There are a small number of ’50s dresses that have been adapted into costumes and some modern reproductions in the ’50s style.

Lots of menswear, some of it quite old and a couple of ’20s wool swimsuits. Hats, shoes, bags and belts. A fine collection of wedding dresses from the late ’70s and ’80s. Ballroom dancing gowns. Some of the costumes are vintage that have been adapted – eg, a ’50s velvet coat that has had ruffles added to make it into a costume piece. Academic gowns and capes, including a couple of cute ’60s styles.

The best bit is that it’s all in good and clean condition: the collector looked after it and so there probably isn’t much work to be done on the pieces.

There are about a thousand lots to be auctioned in one day – which means it will move quickly. Everything must sell so there are sure to be bargains, including a large number of mannequins and a couple of display cases. Some items are being sold separately and some in lots but there are treasures to be found, especially in the lots.

If you’re interested in the more retro end of vintage, or older menswear or can’t resist a sparkly costume for your or your family, I recommend it. Allow plenty of time at the viewing because you’ll need to go through the lots thoroughly as they’ve very mixed – take your tape measure with you too and as always: check for condition.

There is food and drink available at the venue too, which is a nice bonus. Here are some pics of what you’ll see – if you go, I hope you have a good day and pick up some lovely pieces!

Aladdin's Cave 5

Aladdin's Cave 6

Aladdin's Cave 1

Aladdin's Cave 2

Aladdin's Cave 3

Aladdin's Cave 4


  1. Hi Nicole! Is it worth a trip for me from Castlemaine, do you think? Bearing in mind I would only be interested in 50’s stuff my size only?

  2. Hi Carli, there isn’t much in the ’50s line but if you like cute ’60s or ’70s (assuming you’re going for a whole new look, in other words!) you’re sure to find something good.

    If you need costumes for your kids though, there are lots and I think they’ll go for good prices.

  3. I can see that the dresses are more like costume outfits. I think they look nice. I’m loving the jackets and i think those are blouses and the boots too. They are awesome. I like vintage stuff. They look classy and cool.

  4. this is the worst collection of fancy dress costumes.They are not film or tv industry

  5. Snowyross, I agree – although there were a few TV costumes (from Rush), most of it is fancy dress for parties. I suspect it came from a business that closed in the ’90s.

  6. The costumes given in this page is very interesting and looking good. The auction information given in this page is helpful those who are interested the fancy dress. Keep doing these kind of works in the upcoming posts too.

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