Election 2013

Are you excited about the federal election tomorrow? I’m not.

I’ve been involved in almost every election (state and federal) since 1977 due to my unusually political family. At one stage or another, for one reason or another, I’ve campaigned and handed out how-to-votes for the Liberals, the ALP, the Democrats and the Greens.

My personal political leanings don’t change, more that I like to support friends and family, who have previously included a senator and currently include a couple of MPs. I even stood myself once, for the local council!

Happy 1

Around half of the population is going to be disappointed tomorrow, as their candidate or their party fails to get elected. I remind myself of this because it will hopefully soften the blow as I expect to be one of those people and not winning is never a nice feeling.

The fact is that I live in a fringe world, with fringe interests – and until the majority of the population get over their perception that vintage (because most of it has been worn before) is undesirable and until we can stop buying $5 new dresses made by exploited workers in other countries and until we wake up and realise that we can’t just keep producing new things, filling up landfill forever…well until then, I will continue to dwell happily in my little fringe world caring about things that are unimportant to many.

So it should come as no surprise that most of Australia thinks, and votes differently.


Like me, if you’re feeling a little sad about what tomorrow might bring – here are some ways to make life a little easier.

1 – Join the political party of your choice and get involved. Each has a process for members to influence policy, and the more that agree with you, the more of a difference you can make. It’s hard to achieve much when you’re yelling from the sidelines.

Happy 5

2 – You don’t need to be a member to help out with the campaign. You can even turn up on polling day and help out the volunteers of your preferred party. It can be quite fun on the booth, with a sense of camaraderie and it’s refreshing to find that the how-to-voters get on well, regardless of their political differences. You all share one important thing: you care about the result and are doing your bit.

I’ve met some great people on different sides of the spectrum that I would never meet normally. Minor parties (or major parties in electorates where they have small followings) are generally short of volunteers and thankful for extra helpers. Befriending the people helping other parties means that they might cover you for short breaks too – and (if no one is looking) even hand out your How-to-votes. I’ve done that several times.

Happy 4

3 – There’s nothing better than the feeling that everything’s going your way – but if your party isn’t winning it can be a challenge – remember that your turn may come again with each election and that lending your support can help increase this likelihood, and even when you don’t win, you’ll feel better to have been involved.

Happy 6

4 – Many polling booths are hosting sausage sizzles and cake stalls – check this site to make your voting experience a little nicer, and perhaps come home with a souvenir of the day, all whilst supporting your local community.

Happy 3

5 – Why all the frocks? Because when you’re not feeling so happy, do things that make you happy – go for walks in the park, eat Italian gelati whilst gazing out to sea, visit the NGV or watch an escapist film. Drink gin or champagne (in responsible doses of course!) in the company of like-minded loved ones.

Happy 8

Lucky me, I’m enjoying taking pics of beautiful St Clare in vintage, so here are some of my current favourites. I hope you enjoy them regardless of what tomorrow brings!

Happy 2


  1. Great post Nicole!

    I usually love election night, there’s nothing quite like Anthony Green and his projections. It’s usually so exciting, but this time it seems like I am voting for the lesser of two (d)evils.

    On the other hand, the great thing about democracy in Australia, is that come Monday, we will have a new government with no violence of bloodshed, we just shake hands and get on with governing. And that has to be a good thing, no matter what side of the political divide you sit.

    I agree with your comments about being a fringe dweller, in regard to your interests and lifestyle. The comment about second hand being second best particularly resonates – in clothing and my other great love, animal welfare. Rescue dogs and cats are every bit, if not better, than their pedigree companions.

    If we don’t buy from pet shops, there will be no demand, and therefore no money, in puppy farms. Now, there’s a policy worth voting for!

  2. Goodness me that bias cut gown and cape are lovely! And for the record, I’m happy to be a fringe dweller 🙂

  3. Great words Carmel and I agree – this time I don’t feel that I can give my support to either of the major party leaders but what to do? As you say, we’re fortunate to live in a democracy and either way, no great terrible thing will happen as a result of the election. Well, mostly it will change where taxpayer funds are allocated – so that impacts some people, probably all of us in one way or another but the new government still has to get their policies through parliament so there’s an opportunity for debate and amendments, particularly in the senate.

    Good point about animals too: both of our cats were pound kittens – one was a stray and the other was the kitten of a stray – and they’re both incredibly lovely. We feel very fortunate to share our lives with them. I find it hard to justify breeding pets when there are so many already needing homes.

  4. Fashionista, you’ve picked my favourite! Isn’t it incredible? I quite like life on the fringe too 😀 so much interesting stuff happens here.

  5. You’re looking as resplendent as ever St Clare! Dare I ask the size of the lovely suit (4th pic down). KMc x

  6. Ah, Kelley – I see you appreciate a nice Lilli Ann suit – late ’40s of course! This one is a size 8 but the jacket is a little bigger so the skirt could be altered to accommodate.

  7. Not in my wildest dreams will that fit!! Oh well, I might just add that picutre to my fashion inspiration! Thanks! Kx

  8. Not in my wildest dreams will that fit!! Oh well, I might just add that picture to my fashion inspiration! Thanks! Kx

  9. You’ve got a great sense of fashion style. I love all those outfits. I especially love the floral dress in the fifth photo. I think that is really gorgeous and you look stunning in that dress. I’ve been wanting to buy that kind of dress but i am thinking it might not look nice on me. I’ll give this a try.

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