We made the cover of the Melbourne Leader!

Okay, so it wasn’t me or my shop, it was one of our frocks but the story stands – here’s St Clare in one of our cotton print ’50s frocks, with her beau Mikelangelo. If you live in the right Melbourne neighbourhood, one of these arrived in your letterbox this week.

Melbourne Leader

This lovely dress is part of the Empire Vintage Collection – and is available in the Melbourne salon or the web shop. I love it.

Melbourne Leader 2

You can read the article online here. It talks about their current show about Johnny Cash called “Song of the Outlaw” and will next be appearing at the Lorne Festival of Performing Arts – we recently caught it at the Newport Sub-station and it’s worth seeing. Don’t be late though. On our night, a bloke was so unhappy about missing “Ring of Fire” the band performed it as an encore. Lucky him, but it was great to hear it again too.

One of the nice things about working with St Clare, is that I get to dress her for her many events – and she takes excellent care of them. It adds to the unique history of the pieces. Here are some more Circa Vintage pieces that are ready for new homes after gracing the stage.

The following pics are all reproduced courtesy Tim Chmielewski and were taken at the final Tin Star gig at the Corner recently.

Tim Chmielewski 1 475

St Clare wears late ’40s silk brocade ballgown.

St Clare TSG 3

St Clare wears 1970s cotton seersucker halter neck dress with fruit print.

St Clare TSG 2

St Clare wears late ’60s fringed suede lace up vest.

St Clare TSG

St Clare wears cotton voile ballgown with ruched bodice.

To even up the balance a little – here’s Mikelangelo in a black self-tie bow tie from Circa. Tying lessons available on request.

Mikelangelo bow tie

Photo reproduced courtesy Mikeangelo. If there’s a more glamourous couple in Melbourne: please introduce me!


  1. It´s curious for me that with collecting vintage the clothing does take on a life of its own beyond the owner. I am sure this is a dress I owned and sold many years ago- so nice to see it again- I´ll have to find a pic of me in it. Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Hi Michele, yes that’s how I took it! I would love to see a pic – vintage lovers understand the value of a good frock so they often end up back in the world when we’ve finished with them, unlike modern fashion which sadly is more prone to becoming landfill.

  3. Congrats Nicole – Saint Clare looks gorgeous in this lovely frock!

    The oranges and strawberries halter dress reminds me so much of a shirred halter dress I made as a tween in the same era. It was in a beautiful strawberry cotton print and one of my first efforts! Alas, the result was slighty (very) indecent as I was already too curvaceous in the bust for the pattern I made it from (which I still have!) and I lacked the skills to adjust it. The one time I wore it I realised I wasn’t a little girl any more (major commotion amongst the male community in my small town and great embarrassment on my part).

    I’m loving the black evening knit with gold embroidery on the web-site. Not sure if would fit around the bust though (same old problem). How does it look left open?

  4. Sandy, which knit do you mean? If you have a link or an SKU (lower left hand side of the listing), it will help me connect the dots.

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