Fay visits Phryne Fisher

If you’re an Australian vintage fashion lover, you’re probably a fan of the ABC TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, based on Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher detective books.

My oldest mannequin, Fay – who like Phryne, is a creation of the late ’20s – paid a visit to the set of the second series, as set decoration in a fashion salon scene at Werribee Mansion.

The lovely ladies there sent me this shot: you can see she’s quite in her element! The bust seen on the table behind is also one of Circa’s.

I love my vintage mannequins and now will have an additional reason to look out for the next series when it comes out, hopefully later this year.

Here’s Fay back at work, in her day job – slumming it in late ’50s cocktail wear.


  1. Fay does look in her element on the set! I’m so excited there is a second series. The fashion – especially the hats – were super fab!

  2. I love Fay on the set! Love Miss Fisher and Werribee Park, and Circa, so this post just about has it all!! Great Nicole, will watch out for her too.

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