Exhibition and sale of historical radios

From the in-box:

“The Historical Radio Society of Australia is celebrating their 30th Anniversary in Melbourne on September 22-23, in the huge Springvale Town Hall. Members are coming from around Australia and the display is open to the public on the Sunday. The entire hall and adjoining rooms are booked out by the Society, to display hundreds, or up to one thousand vintage radios, from Marconi spark radios, to the plastic radios of the 60s.

Be sure to see the vintage working telephone exchange, tear-drop caravan surrounded by portable valve radios of the era, Radio Battery Shop, 19th century Benz car and a vintage TV camera filming and starring the visitors on a glorious Black and White screen.

If you like anything radio, the HRSA RadioFest is the place to be in September!”

What: The Historical Radio Society of Australia presents Australia’s largest Radio Display and Market.
When: 10.30am to 3.00pm, Sunday September 23rd.
Where: Springvale Town Hall, 397 Springvale Rd, Melbourne, VIC, 3131
Cost: free for members, $5 for non-members and $15 for non-member families.
More information: at the official website.

Photograph by Max Dupain, supplied by Kevin Poulter of the HRSA.

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