Welcome to Circa Vintage Salon

Welcome to my new vintage salon – just as ladies in the ’40s and ’50s would visit a salon in a beautiful city building, so now you can visit Circa in her new central location. In these modern times we call it “vertical retailing” but as with many other things, our grandmothers were ahead of us.

You’ll find us on the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Streets – in Mitchell House, an elegant Art Deco building designed by architect Harold Norris and built in 1936 in the Functionalist/Moderne style. Since then, the owners have been smart enough to keep it original and it’s an aesthetic I greatly appreciate. Isn’t she glorious?

Walking down Lonsdale Street, up towards the hill you will soon see the beautiful entrance to the lift lobby….Circa Vintage is on the first floor.

Turn right out of the lift, down the hallway, and if it’s during trading hours you’ll find the door open. If you’re here for an appointment outside of retail hours, just knock on the door and we’ll be with you soon.

Come inside….how great are those high ceilings?

You’ll find our collection of wedding gowns all ready for you to try on.




We still have menswear too.

Say “hello” to Marlene and Faye, who find the new salon to be much to their liking.

The tiger print faux fur curtains are back too! Along with new red velvet wingback chairs from the ’20s.

Hope to see you soon!

Our new hours are Thursday and Friday afternoons plus Saturday morning – and other days and times by appointment. Contact us on 9606 0776 to arrange fittings for webshop and bridal vintage fashions. I think we’ll be very happy here.


  1. Congratulations Nicole! The whole thing is wonderful and I’m so happy for you. Can’t wait to pop in and see it all for myself! Love the building too, glad it survives.

  2. Lovely classic building Nicole – from one Mitchell to another! Perfect merging of history. Great to see the photos! All the best.

  3. What a perfect location for Circa! I have been wanting to come in, but need to be free of littlie before I do so 😉
    I love that Circa is following the traditions of the 40’s and 50’s in providing a special place for people to come in and receive knowledgeable assistance in finding what it is they seek. My grandmother used to make a couple of trips into Melbourne each year where she would go to La Petite and be fitted with all the latest season. It was an era that I think I would have loved in many ways.

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