Bye bye Fitzroy

On Saturday evening Kate, Esther, Tim and I all hugged and turned out the lights on Circa Vintage Clothing for the last day of trading.

Profiteroles and champagne celebration – we drank three bottles left over from the opening in 2004 and they were surprisingly drinkable!

Over the past eight years so much has happened: I’ve met so many wonderful people and even better: got to dress them. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of my favourite creative people on assorted collaborations from theatre and film, art exhibitions, music and writing.

It’s been scary and inspiring and I’ve learnt so much and grown confident: can you believe that I used to be shy and introverted and could barely speak at my own book launch? Now, well, now I have bright pink hair – need I say more?

I expected to be sad about moving out but the reality is that closing Circa on Gertrude has been a lot of work over the last year, with many people involved and today as we bumped out the last of three stages I looked around at the bare walls and couldn’t believe the day had arrived. I’m ready for a new kind of Circa.

There’s still a little tidying up, and even more work at the other end – our new city home will be opening on Thursday and there’s much to do. Currently it needs a fitting room, lighting, shop installation and a high gloss black and glass door, but with help – we will be ready.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us over the years and I look forward to showing you the new salon in our fabulous Art Deco city location!


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