Florence and the perfect dress

I have a rule that I should never be at Circa without my lipstick, and that’s partly to get in the mood and partly out of respect for my customers – and I never know who will walk in the door.

I have a mental “Dream List” of people I’d like to dress, mostly creative performers, people with a strong sense of their own style and personality. If they have a good sense of colour it’s a big bonus, as I love colour – and for some time I’ve hoped to meet Florence Welch, who is so strong and idiosyncratic, a breath of fresh air in this day when most stars seek to reveal as much flesh as possible.

Saturday for me was an early start, with half the day at the Southland pop-up shop and then off for an afternoon at Circa on Gertrude. The joint was jumping: Poppy Cherry had come in with an actor for a final costume fitting for “Only the Young Die Good” and there were lots of people around. Mr Newton had just come in and loved Miss Kate’s look so much he took her outside for a photo out the front of Circa.

Then Florence and her friend came in – and found the perfect dress.

Florence in late ’60s Biba style rayon print dress by Melbourne label “St Tropez” with fitted bodice and enormously full sleeves. We’ve been calling this dress (which only came in on Friday) the Pre-Raphaelite dress and now it’s found the right home.

I love it when that happens! Thank you for popping by, Florence and I hope you enjoy your new Circa vintage pieces.


  1. I can almost hear the squeals of delight from that dress and the groans form the discarded frocks. Florence looks stunning and always wear the lipstick! xx

  2. How exciting! If you see her wearing some of her purchases in any publicity shots keep us posted! Even better – maybe they’ll pop up in a future video clip for a song?

  3. I absolutely love Florence and saw her Melbourne show! Simply amazing! What a great dress she chose 🙂 x

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