Claire and the Rosebud Frock

People often ask me how I can part with my treasures and I respond that it’s easy, because dresses like to go out and enjoy themselves, not just sit in a collection (like mine used to do, once I had stopped wearing them).

Party dresses in particular are all about the good times – and no matter what size or shape you are, they won’t all fit you, but luckily there will be something for almost everyone.

One day last year we were doing dress fittings with model Becky, for the Melbourne Vintage Clothing Show fashion parade – and a lady brought us some frocks she wanted to sell. How could I resist this beautiful ’50s party frock in white nylon organza with embroidered rose buds? It has swags that go across the bodice and skirt, with a nice bow on the back. Becky was on the spot and the first lady to try her on and of course, she had to wear her in the parade.

Here are some pics that her husband Mark took – thanks for the photos Mark!

You can see MC Extraordinaire, Andrew McClelland on the stage and also I’m in the background in the olive green wool dress.

Who doesn’t love a nice ’50s party dress? They’re always top of my shopping list and this one was a personal favourite, sometimes I’m not ready to sell something so I hung onto this one for a while. One day, however, one day I put her into the shop and lo and behold Claire came in looking for a frock for her engagement party.

She fitted perfectly! Soon afterwards some lovely photos arrived…

Aren’t they a dashing couple? Claire and Anthony – Anthony’s wearing a suit by Jack London. Styling by Claire and Claire’s hair is by Gemma Ven Detta.

Whooping it up! Thanks for the photos Claire and I wish you and Anthony all the best for a long and happy life together.


  1. Simply dashing!
    Thank you for the credit also.. xx
    Claire was so proud to show me her engagement frock – its just stunning in real life!
    Warm regards,
    Gemma Vendetta

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