Exhibition – Linda Jackson at the NGV

Tonight we went to the opening of a new exhibition at the Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria.

From the NGV’s website:
Working as an artist outside the conventional fashion marketplace, [Linda Jackson] devised unique forms of clothing that evolved beyond the sphere of seasonal trends; defying the limits of Western fashion by drawing on an eclectic mix of influences from India, Africa, Asia and Australia.

What: Linda Jackson Bush Couture
When: 26th January – 9th September 2012, open 10 am to 5 pm daily, closed Mondays.
Where: Ian Potter Centre, Federation Square, Melbourne
Cost: free

I must admit that it’s taking me a while to appreciate ’80s fashions – it still seems pretty recent to me and I didn’t like it enough to wear it the first time around – but the ’70s is a different matter. I’m starting to really feel how creative and imaginative some of the design was, and it’s nice to know that some designers continued that into the following decade.

LJ has a great feel for colour, print and texture and she’s happy to combine all kinds of influences from primitive societies to modern art. I would have liked to see more of her textile designs but like all exhibitions, it has to be limited in it’s scope. I do enjoy seeing a display dedicated to one artist over a period of time, so you can see how their themes develop.

The works that surprised me the most were the most conservative ones: a taffeta number resplendent with frills and puffed sleeves, with echoes of Princess Diana, and a sweet dress with a Pierrot print (a popular ’80s motif). Surprising, because LJ does not appear to be a designer who is particularly commercial, choosing instead to lean heavily towards creativity and drama. Perhaps this is why I rarely come across any of her garments but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out in future.

Recommended. Here are some pics from the iphone.

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