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It’s my first day back at work after Christmas and my first project is underway – Galleries on Australian designers. I’ll write a brief bio, and add images of garments in my collection, labels, and other material I can find – you can see the link in the menu bar above or click here.

The first one is on the House of Merivale and I’m planning for Prue Acton, Norma Tullo and other designers as I get my collection photographed and online. You’re welcome to add images too – the more the merrier, just email them to me and I’ll put them up. All credits and ownership will remain with the original photographers.

Here’s one of the HOM gowns, a beautiful cotton wedding gown from 1974. You can see how the design is heavily influenced by the late ’30s-early ’40s with the basque waist, puffed sleeves, flared skirt and ruffled neckline. Detailing includes tucked bodice and faggotting. The fine quality cotton features a jacquard design and is sheer and would have made a beautiful bridal gown, pretty but unfussy. It forecasts the Little House on the Prairie styles that came in the following years.


  1. Yes! Australian designers! I find it so hard to find information on them! I can’t find anything when I google or do library searches. You’ll be my go to for all my Australian designer questions, they’re mostly what fills up my collection.

  2. Emily – thank you for the encouragement! I shall see what I can do to meet your expectations.

    Mindy – isn’t it? So much nicer than the over the top creations we so often see these days.

  3. Hi Nicole, just came across this again whilst clearing out my emails – I do ave a few emails haha.
    Anyway love that you are starting a gallery for these designers but what about a gallery of everyone’s Mr Christian shoes n bags 🙂

  4. I’m very fortunate Belinda – a lot of the time people bring them to me! This one came from a lady who wore it to her wedding, so it’s easy to pin the date down.

    There are a lot of beautiful dresses in the world, I’m very pleased to see and work on so many.

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