Are you sick of the pink hair yet? No, me neither! Pink hair has a certain magic about it, I find it fascinating how people treat you differently, mostly positively. It’s like wearing a magic charm but prepare to be conspicuous. As a young boy at the Queenscliff Music Festival pointed out “Lady, they’ll never lose you in the crowd!”.

The lovely ladies at Wildilocks have been washing and setting my hair each week, so we’ve been trying different hairstyles – an advantage of long hair is that it gives you a lot more options. Last week we did a faux bob, by pinning the curls up, it was like having short hair again! I didn’t like it much as I’ve become used to a bit of height but this style certainly had that – behold the beehive!

That’s Larnie and Nellie admiring their handiwork – and oh boy do they deserve some credit. This style is the most work of any we’ve done – first Nellie spent about two hours back-combing it. Actually I was a bit scared, there was so much back-combing….then Larnie wrangled it all into big smooth curls and pinned it into place. A lot of bobby pins, but how fabulous does it look?

Yep. Pretty pleased with myself.

The oddest part was having it stick out the back – I’m used to high hair but back hair was odd, and it felt spongy from all the teased hair inside (an easier way to do this is with hair pieces, “rats” or other kinds of padding).

My hair is almost down to my waist now, so there’s a lot of hair in there! If you tease it more you can get it even higher.

It was amazing, and I have so much respect for the ladies of the ’60s who daily wore a beehive. I’m convinced they must have slept in them though, as undoing it all was a bit of a drama. I’d like to find a less time-consuming option and so I’m saving pink hair off my hairbrush so that I can make rats like our grandmothers did.

I can recommend this style for special occasions though, and it was great having it so neat and tidy. Thanks ladies! I’m looking forward to the next hairstyle.


  1. LOVE this Nicole! The style suits you to a T and looks gorgeous. I think it should be your ‘signature’ look! How is it to sleep in? Do you have to wear a hairnet?

  2. I’d like to say that I slept in it but after lying down and feeling the weirdness at the back, plus an early start the next day, I dismantled it all. I wish I had been brave enough to sleep in it – I’d like to try it again, with more height and less “back” and give the sleeping thing a go.

    Thanks for your kind words Carli, I love it to and think it could be a good style to grow older with.

  3. That looks completely amazing! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a live-in hairdresser to create amazing hairstyles every day?

  4. SO gorgeous…..and it suits you so much. The curls with your pink hair at the back look just divine. I love it! 🙂

  5. I remember wearing immaculately styled hair every day. Teased and lacquered to withstand a 40 knot gale. We slept in rollers every night and spent at least 15 mins at the dressing table before walking to work in stilletto heels, mini skirts,and always gloves and handbags that matched our shoes.Loved looking neat and well groomed, even down to false eyelashes every day.Wouldn’t it be nice if young women took so much pride in their everyday appearance now.
    You make the ‘look’ your own with the gorgeous colour.

  6. Joycie, I take my hat off to you all – I’ve tried sleeping in rollers and I’m just not up to the challenge.

    You must have looked wonderful in your outfits though! I wish more people would make an effort to look nice.

    Thank for your comments and kind words, everyone – Trish, you can always wash your old hair before turning it into rats.

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