Miss PinUp Australia – Hobart finals

Recently I had the very pleasant task of helping to judge the Tasmanian finals of the Miss PinUp Australia contest.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the wonderful Miss Pixie, all round glamourous ’50s lover and the one who makes it all happen…Miss Pixie loves prom dresses – and who doesn’t? She has one of the best ’50s prom dress collections around.

Next to me on the judging panel was someone equally glamourous: Tamra Mercieca, author of the book and concept Getting Naked. Her frock was vintage inspired, rather than the real deal but I love the big red roses and style.

One of the other judges (and supplier to many of the fabulous outfits up on stage) was Ms Katt, from Ms Katt’s Kustom House. Here’s Katt up on stage between Miss Pixie and Miss Nasya, and somewhat unfocused (sorry about that, I was a bit far away).

And here am I, with Miss Pixie – it’s a bit of a pink hair appreciation, isn’t it? I’m wearing a late ’30s silky rayon dressing gown with a ’50s lace petticoat underneath. Love the old fashioned microphone.

Photo courtesy CezB Photography. Note, professional photo, much better than my out of focus happy snaps.

As the evening progressed, I took a few snaps of the contestants – so for your viewing pleasure, may I present….

Missy DeMeanour, winner of Miss Perfect PinUp, Tasmania.

Inkerella, runner up of Miss Illustrated PinUp, Tasmania.

Miss Tiger Lilly…

For her talent section, Miss Tiger Lilly mixed a mean Martini and was kind enough to present me with one…now there are some who could think this was a bribe but I can tell you that if you’re competing in Miss PinUp and you have something yummy (cupcakes, chocolates, gin), sharing them with the judges will do you no harm and might even win you a point or two. Certainly, I was impressed with Miss Lilly’s talent!

Miss Poppy D’Onyx (winner Miss Illustrated Tasmania) and Miss Booty Bunny strut their lingerie.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up!

The Victorian finals are on this Sunday at the Ferntree Gully Hotel – get your tickets here.


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