Highlights from the Parkdale Library Talk

A little while ago I gave a talk on ladies fashions of the ’60s to ’80s at Parkdale Library, and the staff videoed it! Here are four clips from the talk, you can see me doing my thing with Jasmin, work experience student extraordinaire, talking about three dresses from the ’60s and one from the ’70s.

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

Part Four.

As an additional treat, you can see the second dress being worn by it’s new owner, Zoe Tuckwell-Smith who stars in Channel Seven’s “Winners and Losers”.

I love how vintage dresses come to life when they’re being worn – so much better than seeing them on a hanger. Incidentally, the first dress is available at the webshop and the other two are currently in Circa.

Next week I’m presenting a talk on ladies fashions from the ’20s to the ’60s at Caulfield. It’s already booked out but if you missed out, there are two more coming up this year, at St Kilda and Ashburton. I’ll post about them once they’re ready for bookings.

NB – if you’re reading this through an email subscription, the youtube videos may not appear. Click here to view on the blog.


  1. Your knowledge astounds me. More so, the smile and love that is apparent that you have for each piece makes listening to you an utter delight.

    … My mother had a dress similar to the one Zoe now owns but it was, if I remember correctly, sea-foamy green!

  2. Such wonderful info – glad I met you on Saturday……although having a look at the online shop, knowing you will cost me money….in the nicest way!! Already have 2 things I want to come in and see this Saturday.

  3. Thanks Cecily! This the first time I’ve seen myself during a talk, so I found it a revelation too: especially the smiling 🙂

    Sea foam green was a very popular colour in the early ’60s, it’s a beautiful colour, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it.

  4. I love how you know so much I have only about a hundred vintage pieces one day I hope to have many more.I saw a lady on collectors with a wharehouse Oh how I envied her.lol Oh and I have a goprgeoues long jacket in ribbon lace(same colour as dress you showed) I gave the crimpolene dress to a freind as it was far too big for me and only had the lace on the cuffs but cant part with the jacket.

  5. I had no idea your collection is so extensive! When will you be showing your very own “Darnell” collection Nicole??!

    You are a very nice and natural public speaker too. xx

  6. thanks Carli! I use my collection quite a bit with talks, parades and exhibitions but of course, most of it ends up at Circa or the webshop eventually 🙂

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