Contest: The Way We Wear Fair – Williamstown

What: The Way We Wear Fair and “Dressed for the Voyage” Titanic costume exhibition.
When: Saturday 23rd July (10am-5pm) and Sunday 24th July (10am-4pm)
Where: Williamstown Town Hall, Williamstown
Cost: $12 adult, $6 child, $30 family
Pre-bookings to get in at 9am Saturday: Hobsons Bay Tickets.

Once again, The Way We Wear Fair will be happening in the Williamstown Town Hall – from the website:
Racks filled with fabulous fashion spanning over two hundred years. Boxes full of photographs of fashionably dressed men and women. Shelves bursting with crisp, starched French and Irish linen. Polished wooden cabinets full of glittering jewels. Exotic textiles from lands far beyond Australia’s shores draped across tables…This is what awaits you at The Way We Wear Fairs.

TWWWF always features an exhibition of costume, and this time to mark the centennial of the launch of the Titanic, costumes and accessories from 1910 to 1912 will be displayed. Fans of “Downton Abbey” will be sure to recognise the late Edwardian styles. It’s a personal favourite of mine (although I tend to love every era, they all have something good to share).

More information available at the website. You can see pics from the Titanic exhibition here.

1950s Haute Couture, not relevant to Titanic Exhibition but too good not to share.

And the contest? I have two double passes to win – if you’ll be in Melbourne on the date in question and would like to go, please leave me a comment on this post about who is your favourite Downton Abbey character and why – if you’re yet to have the pleasure, you could always get creative. Good luck! Entries close July 14th, and then I’ll post the winners.


  1. Ooh, I love the Williamstown fair. My favourite Downton Abbey character is without a doubt Lady Sybil. She’s so spunky and willing to push the social boundaries. I absolutely love the harem pants ensemble she wears.

  2. I love Bates. A man of integrity, who when I would have lost the plot with certain characters and have ‘gone all ugly’ on them, has maintained a cool and dignified exterior. Also a man who loves from afar 🙂

  3. Bates has to be my favourite Downton Abbey character. He has devine characteristics perfect for the romanticism of that era and is such a noble valet. Love!

  4. That is a great question for a competition, I loooove Downton Abbey. I would have to say my favourite Downton character is Bates, Lord Grantham’s valet. This is partly because the actor who plays him is absolutely wonderful (an award winning theatre actor), but also because the character of Bates is strong, silent and a little dark and mysterious, which is the sort of man I love! Can’t wait to see what happens with his romance with Anna! Hope to catch up with you at the fair, Maria

  5. Oooooh I am in love with cousin Matthew, but I think my favourite character is Lady Sybil; a beautiful and kind girl who is at the forefront of women’s liberation for her time. Her harem pants in episode 4 were stunning and such a shocking display for that era.

  6. I’d love to win passes to this fair! How awesome! My favourite character is Thomas – he’s such a pig but I love him!

  7. Oooh, I’m marathoning this show atm due to missing out on the start during exams! You can add another +1 to Bates, he is my favourite character as well. So dignified and noble!

  8. I too am loving Downton Abbey – the clothes!!! The super organised snobby Mr Carson for me – so glad his rules don’t apply in this day and age!

  9. I must say, I’m rather taken by Lady Sybil as well. I do see reflections of myself in her, bucking the trends, opinionated, and refusing to let the male dominated society stop me from doing and being what I want. I’d love to be transported back in time to play out such a life, but only as part of the well-to-do society upstairs, as a strongwilled lass from downstairs would not fair well at all in letting her opinions be known.


  10. I think one of my favourite characters would have to be O’Brien. She is just so mean! It adds a great dynamic to the show having such manipulative characters… She and Thomas are quite the pair(and by the way, anyone else suspicious of whether O’Brien might secretly be his mother or something?)

  11. My favourite characters are Lady Sybil & Lady Mary, for completely different reasons. I love Lady Sybil’s honest, impulsive & completely youthful spirit.

    At the same time Lady Mary’s manipulative tendancies appeal to the hidden Gossip Girl fan inside of me.

  12. I’m another fan of Lady Sybil. I’d like to think that I’d be that opinionated and impulsive if I lived in those days!

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