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What a difference a week makes – I generally follow a policy of doing what I say I’m going to do but here I’m going to backflip and announce that there’s a change of plans – Circa Salon is going to have to wait a while because we’re not moving out of Gertrude Street quite yet, we’re going to stay.

Making plans for the big move proved to me how much I had invested in my little shop, and how I wasn’t really ready to give that up. There will still be some change, and you’ll be seeing more webshop stuff happening in the shop when it’s quiet.

So thank you for your support, and apologies about the reversal but you’ll still be seeing us where we’ve been for the last seven years.

And because I don’t like to leave you without any images, here’s Kate inspecting the largest needle I’ve ever seen – a lady came in today with some goodies of her mum’s including her sewing stash with lots of buttons and four scarily big and nasty looking needles. Rumour has it that they’re for sewing sails. I’ll believe it. That’s another thing I would miss if we didn’t have the retail shop – you just never know what wonderful things people will bring you.

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