Today at Circa.

Usually I’m working in the stockroom with Esther on Thursdays, repairing and restoring vintage as well as admin and webshop tasks – but now I’m in the shop every day, so rather than work there by myself, and Esther work in the stockroom by herself, I thought it would be nicer if we could still work together but now in the shop.

So today I set up enough sewing materials for Esther to join me at Circa – and the result is that we got lots done, whilst looking after customers at the same time. One of the items mended was this smashing leopard print rain coat from the 1960s – it’s pure cotton, and reversible, so if you get tired of the leopard you can turn it into a camel coloured coat instead. Here’s Esther – and the coat is now available in store:

As well, I picked up the latest Shop til you Drop magazine – which includes a guide to buying vintage online, complete with a shot of our Prue Acton silk frock, late ’70s (also available in store).

Most excitingly a package arrived in the mail with stickers from the Independent Publisher’s Awards – you may recall that I won a bronze medal for my book “Love Vintage”, and now at last I have the medal stickers to put on the book’s covers! It was really nice to be able to put them on at last…

If you’ve got a copy of “Love Vintage” and would like a sticker to put on your book, please email me at with your postal address and I will post one out to you, so your book can have a nice shiny medal on on it too! I’ll be contacting the bookshops and vintage clothing shops that stock the book too, so that as many as possible can bear a replica of the medal.


  1. Dear Nicole
    Congratulations! A very well-deserved accolade. I have always thought your book was the best book on vintage ever published and now many others agree with me! (although I would have given you the gold). So happy for you, Best, Maria x

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