Galliano for Dior, Spring 2011

There are days when I despair of modern fashion and it’s insistence on the new at the expense of beauty and elegance, and then someone like John Galliano will come out with a collection like this one – a collection to swoon for.

Christian Dior – as we all know – was a genius of 20th century fashion. His ground-breaking collection of 1947 “La Corolle” (known these days as the New Look) was about reinventing women as flowers – his designs were memorably illustrated by Rene’ Gruau.

It looks as if Galliano has been inspired by both creatives to produce a wonderful collection of gowns, inspired but not restricted by a sense of 1950s lady-like elegance, down to the immaculate hair and make up.

There’s a cohesiveness of colour and texture, drama but never over the top…okay, maybe a little over the top – but this is runway, and the actual gowns will not be as excessive – which could be a pity, because these are pretty fabulous.

I can almost hear all that silk swishing as the models sashay down the catwalk…

Thank you to wendylady2 on livejournal for sharing these with us – to see more, I recommend her original post.


  1. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous! Oh to have the money to buy one of those frocks (and to have somewhere to wear it to!) I hope the trend of looking back to yesteryear’s elegance continues for some time to come!

  2. I’ve always liked the way Galliano references history in his clothing and tips his hat to the past of the house he’s working for too – some of his stuff can be very hit and miss but when he does get it right – Wow!

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