Merry Christmas! Circa’s webshop is on Sale.

Last Wednesday I flew to Perth for a family Christmas but soon discovered that my mind wasn’t on Circa any more (I rarely take holidays and really needed one) – so apologies for dropping the ball on the half-price-frock of the day. I was going to post the final three dresses today and let them stay discounted for a while, but I had trouble picking which dresses – so to make it up to you, I’m going to apply a 20% discount on all webshop sales (excluding my book Love Vintage) until the end of the year, ie next Friday night.

Shop here.

Included in the sale is this late ’40s ballgown from quality Melbourne department store Buckley’s – I hope you like it. Click on the photo to see more information and to buy – usually $245, it’s only $196 on sale.

Thank you for your support during the year. Circa will be closed on Tuesday December 28th (the Boxing Day public holiday) and then again on Saturday January 1st (New Year’s Day) but we’ll be open on the other days. I have a lot of new goodies to list on the webshop (about 200 of them) so hope to spend some dedicated time doing so this week, once we get back to Melbourne.

Also, I have a favour to ask: there are many things I’d like to post about on my blog, but some are more appreciated than others. I’ve decided not to post about vintage markets as there are so many now, I can’t keep up – but they’re listed on Circa’s links page. I thought I’d post about all of them in one hit and then you can sign up for the mailing lists of the ones that interest you. I will keep posting about the major ones: the Love Vintage fair in Sydney (and soon to be Melbourne) and the Way We Wear Fair and they’re the best for real vintage any way.

So, the favour? What would you like to see here? More about vintage restorations? More about stylish people? More about Circa herself? For example, I would like to write about frocks and their histories: the stories they tell. In a more practical vein I’d like to write about the various sizing systems used in the past (and debunk the myth that all vintage is tiny).

My most popular post is about the House of Merivale – it’s wonderful that this fashion label that closed down over twenty years ago still resonates so much with people. Shall I write more about Australian labels? Your suggestions are gratefully received.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Circa, and may your new year bring you much joy.


  1. I especially like reading the stories of garments, and I’d definitely be interested in reading about sizing systems.

  2. Oh stories about the garments would be fabulous.
    And info on Australian vintage brands – there’s not much about them online. Eg that pretty sage dress I keep rabbiting on about is by Lintern which I’m guessing was an Aussie company but there really isn’t anything about them online.

    I’ve been hunting far and wide for a pattern that has a skirt similar to it as well – It has one piece at the front that wraps around past where the underarm seam would go and then four gores in the middle back for extra awesome swishiness. I’ll probably have to experiment myself to get something similar!

    As you can tell, I’ve become quite obsessed with the construction of garments lately!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year & thank-you for all your posts this year. All are well loved! Please can we have more on our Australian fashion designers. We have so many fabulous ones but they are tricky to find infomation on. I have searched for info on Norma Tullo but for some reason she tends to be left out of articles on our early designers. Vanessa

  4. All of those things! I loved hearing you tell customers the stories behind the pieces they tried on, and the sizing is most interesting, and it’s fascinating to learn about Australian labels!

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