Doris and the poodles

This image is currently on my laptop’s desktop and makes me smile.

(click to see in full size)

This photo of Doris Day appeared on the front cover of Collier magazine in 1952 to promote the film “April in Paris”. The six dyed poodles astound me! They must be much more docile than cats, because six dyed cats would probably look very grumpy.

Doris is an under-appreciated artist, her perpetual sunniness was typecast into a kind of virginal heroine who (whilst likeable) fell out of fashion in the ’60s. Her voice is clear and resonant and her beauty in no doubt. When we think of ’50s movie stars, it’s so tempting to summon Marilyn and Brigitte and forget about that other talented blonde, Doris Day.

Ah, well, as perhaps she would say: “Que Sera Sera”.


  1. It’s funny after seeing this photo how Doris was later typecast as the fuddy-duddy virgin, because she’s wearing quite a racy outfit (for the 50s) with its bare midriff and sheer skirt, in this.

  2. I love that movie! Sooo technicolour (or whatever the process was for that movie)! It’s amazing she went on to become a big animal rights activist. She’s also part owner of a posh hotel in Carmel, California where you can order room service for your pooch!

  3. I was brought up watching Doris Day films but I’ve never seen this photo. Thanks for sharing. It’s wonderful. 🙂

    Doris had the most amazing voice – rich like velvet. And a great comedic actress too.

  4. I’ve always adored Doris Day and Cary Grant films, but what amazes me most is that most people tend to forget that this woman was a serious vocalist. Miss Day could sing! I was lucky enough to have grand-parents who loved Swing Era and Jazz, and my grandmother gave me her copy of Doris singing “Sentimental Journey” when I was in high school.

  5. Love this photo and love Doris. And yes, it is quite strange that she isn’t as celebrated. She was a sexy, smart and very talented lady.

  6. As a kid in Miami in the mid-1950s, I sometimes saw poufy-haired women with pastel dyed locks walking their dogs (mostly poodles, as pictured above) dyed the same outrageous color. I’m glad the fad was short-lived, the poor dogs!

    Meanwhile, lovely outfit on Ms day.

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