Underground Cinema – The Good German.

Last weekend Tim and I went to see the Underground Cinema‘s screening of The Good German *.

Actually, that’s a bit misleading.

Last weekend Tim and I dressed up circa 1945 ** and joined hundreds of like-minded people queueing outside a fabulous Victorian Gothic-revival building in downtown Melbourne. After showing our papers to the officials, we were welcomed into the bunker by smiling ladies in army uniforms.

Downstairs we found ourselves in one of the two bars – I think it was the American one because there was a trumpeter playing smooth jazz, and over a drink of Jameson’s and dry, we wandered through the cavernous rooms eaves-dropping on re-enacted scenes from the mystery film we were about to see, fending off sly advances from fallen German women in skimpy ensembles (I’m sure they were pick pockets too), and considered which of the food rations would meet our needs.

Eventually we settled into folding chairs around a vintage radiogramme for the latest news – and with great fanfare, the film began.

Here are a few pics that I took – it was a wonderful night! Oh, how I wish that there was such a place always in Melbourne, where the music was good, the drinks fine and the company graciously dressed. Although this was a once (actually twice) only occasion, the Underground Cinema are working hard every month or two to bring us other unique opportunities to become part of a special film event. I encourage you to sign up if you like what they do.

You can see some pics from the night on Flickr.

* warning, sound is automatic if you follow the link.
** actually, Tim dressed up but I just wore my every day dress because I’m currently loving the WW2 era.

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  1. Mum was 14 when the war ended, she went to the VJ celebrations and got swept up by the crowds and her mother had to pull her out! She also remembers that there was a Hollywood Canteen type club in one of the basements in Swanston Street.

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