Vintage Garage are having a Sale

Another from the in box:

Pssst! The Vintage Garage is having a huge NOTHING OVER $10 Vintage
Garage SALE this weekend, 14th & 15th August.

Why? Have we lost our minds? Nahhhh,… we’ve just got truckloads of
excess QUALITY stock that we’re selling real cheap. There is plenty to
impress both the guys & gals. This will be a cash’n’grab style sale,
so don’t miss out! First in best dressed!

…and by the way, we’re offering 10% off everything else
in-store all weekend as well….

What: Vintage Garage Sale
Where: In the garage of Vintage Garage, rear 318 Smith St, Collingwood (near corner of Johnson St)
When: Saturday 14th August 10am-6pm and Sunday 15th August 11am–5pm

For more information phone: (03) 9077 9030 or email:


  1. Fisrt of all I bought your book a year ago and love it.Secondly I have been a collector of vintage for awhile usually via opshops.I would like to step it up a notch as I want to be able to hire things out( I already have fancy dress I used to hire and will again soon).
    I was wondering where is a good place to go for wholesale vintage or where do many vintage shops get their items other than opshops etc.
    I hope you are able to assist me somehow.
    With thanks and good luck with the garage sale tho I know you wont need it and I wish I was down there for it.


  2. Hi Janelle, I’m glad you’re enjoying the book: there’s a section in there about where to find vintage. The short answer is everywhere (keep your eyes peeled) but of course, the good stuff isn’t as easy to find.

    I get most of my stock form private collectors and word of mouth: you never know what treasures people have stashed away!

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