One window, two movies – and a new man.

Recently we received posters for two movies – I thought it would be nice to do a window with the theme of “My One and Only” but then realised that the poster for “A Single Man” is similarly stylish and features the same colour scheme.

I like to alternate styles in the window – if we have day dresses in one week, it’s nice to have evening dresses (or ballgowns or cocktail frocks or playsuits etc) the next so as last week had brightly coloured late ’50s-early ’60s dresses in pinks, purples and aquas, an elegant scheme of black and gold seemed like it might work.

Victoria and Carly put this window together on Saturday – the chaps* are wearing late ’50s-early ’60s dinner suits with shirts and bowties, whilst Marlene and Fay are frocked up in early ’60s evening gowns. For extra panache, Tim let me borrow his art deco cocktail shaker, martini glasses and a deco serving tray.

* Yes: chaps! For a few years now Clarke has had the ladies to himself but as both films feature predominantly men rather than women, I thought we should introduce a new character. He’s a brooding bloke, and a shorter (more vintage) height than hunky Clarke. If you have any suggestions, he needs a suitably old-fashioned name, preferably one shared with a movie star from the Golden Years. Our latest addition is the one in the hat. Click on the images for a better look.

Speaking of “My One and Only”, don’t forget to enter the contest for some free tickets. Entries close on Wednesday.


  1. My favorite actor is Cary Grant how about Cary for the new models name. He was so delightfully stylish and of the period and certanly looked great in a dinner suit!

  2. Hmm, just tried to leave a comment and it disappeared! Apologies if it shows up and I’m repeating myself.

    I’d vote for Spencer (after Mr Tracy). It works on its own as one name, and it has a nice Golden-era Hollywood ring to it.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions, ladies – I love them all. Well, with Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy and Errol Flynn, what’s not to love 🙂
    We’ve also had a suggestion of Humphrey. I like a nice old fashioned name. We’re going to try some out this week and see which one suits him best.

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