1960s dresses

Carly, our wonderful new Circa lady has started this week so I’ve been quite busy and have fallen a bit behind in posts but thought you might like to see three new 1960s dresses that have recently come in.

1960s black and gold cocktail dress – Fiona is modelling a knitted dress made of pure wool and pale gold metallic yarn. This dates from the mid-1960s.

1960s linen shift – This mid-60s shift makes good use of the stripey fabric and features subtle shaping. Great for summer as is, or in winter, it could be worn with a blouse or skivvy underneath.

1960s black polyester knit day dress –

Fiona models a “fit and flare” dress with polka dot gores under the box pleats. This very flattering style dates to about 1967 and be great for winter with knee high boots. Note the longer hem length, as the mini-skirt begins to dominate less.


  1. Those are all great dresses! Especially the linen shift with those wayward stripes.

    By the way, what’s a ‘skivvy’? My understanding of the word is someone who’s a servant or cleaner doing menial work, but I assume it means something else in Aus-English!

  2. Hi Sarah, interesting you should ask – I wondered when I wrote that if it was a location-specific term. Skivvy is a fine rib long sleeved top, a bit like a t-shirt and very popular in the ’70s – usually has a turtle or polo neck. Does that make sense? Not sure what they’re called in the UK.

  3. I know exactly what you mean, and I remember we called them ‘skinny ribs’ or ‘skinny rib jumpers’ – although that was possibly just a term used within our family!

    Thanks so much for clarifying!

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