Seen at Circa – Violet le Beaux

Apologies for not posting many photos recently, I think this post will make up for it a little, especially with the glamour quotient, which is higher than usual!

Last week we had a film crew in the shop, filming for a New Zealand TV programme. At the same time, Super Kawaii Mama dropped by with her visiting friends Violet le Beaux and Jimmy America. So of course Fiona and I had to dress them all up in some of the great frocks and suits that are currently in store.

Click on images to see in full.

Somehow I neglected to take any shots of Jimmy looking very smart in a pinstripe suit – perhaps he’ll put up a photo himself? If you go over to his blog, you’ll see some great photos from their Melbourne visit including my favourite – parasols at dawn and an action shot of Fiona fitting Violet. You can see that the camera crew seemed to be enjoying themselves too.


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