Second talk at Heritage Hill

Next week’s talk on vintage clothing at Heritage Hill is sold out and there’s an impressive waiting list, so we’ve scheduled a second talk.

This is to accompany the Hart & Hand exhibition of vintage clothing at Heritage Hill museum in Dandenong, although the exhibition will finish before the second talk. Copies of Love Vintage will also be available for sale.

From the Star News:
Ms Jenkins will reveal how and why she became so fascinated with vintage clothing and where to find it.
She will bring several antique and vintage pieces from her own extensive collection to use as illustrations and encourages participants to bring garments of their own for discussion.

What: Love Vintage: A Collector’s look at Antique and Vintage Clothing – presented by Nicole Jenkins of Circa Vintage Clothing.
Where: Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens – McCrae St, Dandenong
When: 2-3pm, Tuesday March 30th.
Cost: $12 includes afternoon tea.
Bookings Essential, very limited places – please phone 9793 4511

More information at the Heritage Hill website, although it’s yet to be updated with the second talk.

At last Friday’s talk at the City Museum, I brought 23 frocks and talked about them, as representative of different times in the 20th century (the frocks covered the the years from the 20s to the 80s). It worked well, although went on for much longer than planned – I’ll use a similar format to this, but bring mostly different frocks so that people coming to both will get a different perspective. I’ll see if I can bring some pre-20s as well.

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