This week at Circa

It’s going to be a busy week –

On Wednesday evening is the group tour to Loel Thomson’s Costume Collection. Now, the tour is fully booked but it’s likely we’ll do another one soon for those who’ve missed out. If you are coming, please meet us out the front (35 Greenaway Street, Bulleen) just before 7pm.

On Friday evening I’m doing a talk on vintage clothing at the City Museum – please phone the City Museum on (03) 9651 2233 for bookings. I’ll be bringing some garments from my collection.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced office or studio space, a friend of mine is looking for someone to share in Collingwood – Circa’s stockroom is at the Langridge Design Centre so I can vouch for how good it is – more information can be found here.

Coming up: on Tuesday March 2nd, I’m giving another talk on vintage at Heritage Hill in Dandenong. Please phone phone 9793 4511 for bookings.

As well, the 20% off Sale continues at Circa all week – here are some of the goodies in store now, all are available at a nice discount – thank you to my wonderful model and shop lady Victoria.


  1. A heartfelt thanks to Nicole for organising the 16 Feb 2011 group to the Costume Collection. I was fortunate to be invited to this by my friend Louise, and I couldn’t have been more surprised at what was in store. For those who haven’t been to the Costume Collection, it’s a real hidden treasure and (IMHO) world class.

    I’m so grateful to dedicated private collectors such as Loel Thomson. It’s a privilege to be able to view a part of her collection, be reminded of times past, and delight in our social history via brilliant collections such as this one. It’s such a credit to her that this collection is so well cared for, and so beautifully presented. I can’t wait to go back!

  2. You’re welcome Jude – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Loel’s museum is amazing, and she’s incredibly generous with her time, skills and resources. I agree that it’s world class, too.

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