Some of my favourite vintage blogs

Vintage lovers, I spend a certain amount of time online and one of my favourite occupations is in the perusal of blogs – especially those from ladies who like nothing better than to frock up and show the world how fabulous and stylish they are.

Here are some of my favourites:

Alice Jean’s – vintage living in a modern world
Kesenya is a lady from another age, and like me, prefers the pre-1965 world (in most but not all ways). Her blog is an ode to vintage living, complete with handsome husband.

Esme and the laneway.
I love everything about Marianne’s style – from the red and white polka dots to the victory rolls. Mixing vintage with modern, her style is feminine and whimsical.

Fleur de Guerre – diary of a vintage girl
Fleur is based in England – as she puts it, “part-time pinup girl and full-time Forties enthusiast” and her blog is full of great images depicting her glamourous life.

Super Kawaii Mama
Circa’s favourite glamourpuss, Candice updates frequently with fashion, style tips, make-up and hair tutorials as well reflections on life as mother to two (inevitably stylish) young daughters. Like Marianne, Candice mixes real vintage with more modern styles to produce an individual look.


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