Like to work for Circa?

Recently a lovely lady included me in her 12 Days of Vintage Christmas. It was such a delight to read the following:

On the fifth day of Christmas, Vintage Santa gave to me . . .A job selling vintage at Circa in Fitzroy.

I’m not sure if Vintage Suburbia is really looking for work, but in case she – or any other vintage-loving lady – is looking for a part time job, I encourage you to read through the listing at Seek and write me a letter with your CV.

The role is for three days a week (7 hours a day), between Tuesday and Saturday. I’d like to find someone who loves nothing better than to frock up in vintage finery and help others to do likewise. Someone with their own sense of style and confident enough to charm the large variety of people who come in our door. Experience, whilst preferred, is not essential.

As much as I’d love to find a stylish gentleman, we need a lady for this role due to the need to be able to fit lingerie and other girly essentials.

You’re welcome to email me at xxx with any questions – applications close Saturday 16th January. Thank you.

UPDATE: I’ve already received many email applications so I would like to emphasise that I would like written applications to be posted only! I anticipate a large number of responses, so your chances of an interview will be improved greatly by reading the job ad and meeting it’s criteria. Thank you.

Also – if you’ve recently brought me a CV and you’re still interested in a position, please apply to this advertisement as I get many requests and I don’t hold them on file for long in case you’re no longer available.


  1. My name is Tia Parker I am a Fine Arts Graduate who loves all things vintage and I am looking for employment for 2010. I am a New Zealander who is coming to study in late February in the Masters programme at RMIT in Melbourne. The unending search for unique, authentic and gorgeous items of clothing is a favourite pass time of mine and I would looooove to work in a creative environment such as Circa. I love your idea of style and glamour through environmentally responsible fashion as I feel this I an important issue that should be looked at by more (if not all) clothing manufacturers and providers.

    As I have had substantial experience within hospitality and also exhibition hosting positions at galleries and museums I am very Personable and amiable and can relate to people from all walks of life. I’m also not shy of a needle and thread as apart from mending my own vintage finds in the past, I have participated in a numbers of NZ Wearable Arts competitions.

  2. Dear Nicole, I am the above-mentioned blogger Vintage Suburbia – hello! I am a big fan of your shop and your blog – you really are such a wonderful ambassador for vintage. Unfortunately my wish to work in your fabulous shop is just a dream as I am firmly ensconsed in doing my PhD and looking after two children. But thank you for mentioning me in your email! Best wishes, Maria, Vintage Suburbia.
    PS Absolutely love your book – really fabulous.

  3. Hi again Nicole
    Thank you again. Ive just emailed my CV through so give me a yell if you have any queries about it

  4. Hi Nicole,
    I am very interested! I just finished my last job up in mid December, and I am on the look out for work now. I will mail you my CV.

  5. Hi Nicole,

    I would love to work at Circa! I love all things fashion – old and new! And I would like to be apart of the Circa crew, as i adore your shop, and gertrude street is a great place for all things creative.

    I have just finished a Bachelor of Fashion Design at RMIT – and am looking for part-time retail work. I am wanting to start my own business in the future, and this position sounds perfect.
    I have just emailed you my cover letter and resume. Would you like me to post it to you also?
    please check out

    Thanks for your time,

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