Vintage Fabric and Button Sale

Another in-box goodie – many of us love vintage fabrics. Not only good for making into vintage style clothes, they can be used in interiors, gifts, crafts and as general inspiration.

As you know, they’re getting harder and harder to come by. From the website (see link below):

Vintage Liberty, Sanderson Linens, Large pieces of 1970’s uber bright upholstery fabric – great for wall hangings etc. Finlandia, Marrimeko, Hoad etc. 1950’s barkcloths. Novelties and kids vintage prints. Also lots of smaller pieces for bags and cushions and large lengths suitable for furnishing projects.

Heaps of dress fabrics from the 1930’s to the 1980’s …some pretty out there prints. These are by the dress length or by the half metre. Lots of cottons for crafty projects. All vintage. None of this new reproduction stuff.

Over 2,000 different prints. There will be 2 car loads on the day. Buttons, Buttons, Buttons – glass, bakelite, bone, shell etc. Fabric Goodie bags for $5.00.


More information can be found here. Note that Camberwell is a morning market – and the good stuff goes quick so you might like to make an early start to the day!


  1. Hello there, thanks to all of you who came on down. I hope you found something lovely to use in a project. And I must say, you guys love your buttons! And Nicole, big thanks for putting this post up.

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