1. Hi Nicole!…I j happened to run across your page. I used to work as a fitter for a now long closed girdle and corset shop in Houston. My appreciation for fine lingerie started as a teenage girl in my latter teens. I was raised by my stepmother Dora Jean who was a stout 5 foot tall woman who had short jet black hair and always wore bright red lipstick, red fingernails and white beads and earrings. She believed in dressing up and wearing makeup, string of white pearl beads, white pearl earrings. She almost always wore black crinoline or straight taffeta dresses with seamed stockings and black patent high heels. She would also put on long black satin gloves along with a black funeral hat with a black veil hang down. I always liked what she wore and her clothes happened to be my same size.
    I especially liked her strapless heavy “Black Diamond Opera” full length open bottom double zipper black girdle which was an “all-in-one” corselette that had four large metal garters per leg and satin tassels that hung over both front and back of each garter. I was entranced with her outfits for several reasons. I guess the first was because I often heard a deep throated wicked sound of a long large metal zipper, or often two zippers, as my stepmother zipped her vintage girdle of a morning. I was emotionally hypnotized as she would slowly zip them up and down multiple times and I could clearly hear then from my room. She had said in the past that she liked the sound of zippers, the rustle of crinolines and slips against the girdles and the sound that nylon silk stockings made. When she walked, her seamed beige or black nylon silk stockings made a wicked swishing sound. My experiences living with her affected me as a teenage girl and developed my appreciation. I had many experiences and still have some of her custom made girdles. Let me know your thoughts or answer any qustions

  2. Thanks for your comment Carol Sue, and great memories of Dora Jean: she sounds like a very sensual woman! No wonder you developed a fondness for lingerie at an early age.

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