Echo’s Lost – Artist Callout for exhibition at Circa

For this year’s Festival Fringe, Circa will be hosting an exhibition by Omnific Assembly entitled “Echo’s Lost”, focusing on memory and the space that is left behind once memory fades.

Echo’s Lost will present 12 to 15 small three-dimensional works. Due to the space requirements, each will be no larger than 200mm wide and be able to fit into the dimensions of the art deco china cabinet (seen below) in the front shop window. Applications are currently being received and close July 4th.

The exhibition will run for the three weeks of the festival – mid September to early October.


More information can be found at the Echo’s Lost website and the Echo’s Lost Facebook page.


  1. Oooo, sounds like the kind of concept I play with a lot in my photographs; are you looking mainly for sculpture/tactile type art, or do you think it’d be worth submitting something image-based? How exciting!

  2. I think they’re looking for 3D works rather than images – if you follow the links and perhaps contact the organiser, she can probably help you.

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