1. Totally glam! I was excited to see this photo (in particular) because I have a very similar boudoir gown – here’s a pic of it in action, although it’s hard to see, as it’s open. I had dated it to about ’39, but the fact that Alexis is wearing one above shows that it could be early ’40s.

  2. Sorry – that didn’t work. Try here. Of course, I can show it to you sometime if you’re interested – it’s one of the pieces that I think we photographed for the Book.

  3. Where have these glamorous women gone? The beauty of Hedy, Lana, Elizabeth—gone and replaced with the likes of ? and selected by those who have taken over Holly Wood, clothing designers etc., etc., obviously hate women.
    Look at the classical feet of Alexis (Greek-Roman) for example and compare with the sawed off toes of ? Well, look at any of them and find the rare ones. It is an outrage. Patriotic women too.. and men—who are they—where are they? Gone with the wind I guess..

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