Carter’s Everything Vintage Guide

It’s been a busy time – as well as the Craft Show (now finished – the mannequins are safely back at Circa sans tulle and ribbon), there has also been the French Film Festival, where we dressed six people in 1930s outfits for the opening night (hopefully photos are on their way) and the opening of the Robert Fritzlaff exhibition at Como House last Thursday.

Today, whilst the shop was shut we took some photos for the next edition of Carter’s “Everything Vintage” Guide. In between the proper, professional shots I took some snaps – these garments are all in stock now and available for your selection. Eras are from the 1930s to the 1960s. Click on an image to see it in full. The book will be out later this year.


  1. I spotted Candice’s dress at the Robert Fritzlaff exhibition opening and thought “Her dress is amazing – I bet Nicole at Circa had something to do with that!”

    Can’t wait for your book to come out – please reserve me a copy!

    xx VV

  2. Candice’s dress is amazing, but alas the only credit I can take is for some well timed compliments – it is a dress of her own making.

    You’ll be coming to the book launch, I hope!

  3. Oh what a wonderful selection. Are any of these pretties for sale? There are at least three here I have my eye on.
    And thank you for the compliments on the dress, they mean so much coming from my vintage friends. 🙂

  4. Of course SKM: all are for sale (although we sold the blue 50s party dress yesterday). At a rough estimate, six are your size too.

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