1. I don’t know who was responsible for organising this “event”, but the ads were no help at all and I’m sure that stalls missed out on a lot of sales. I could not find the sale at all, only the normal Sunday market, and even asking around no one knew where the fabric sale was. There were also other people wandering aimlessly looking for this market, and in the end I just went home. The ads didn’t even say what times the market was on! Very badly advertised, run, and organised, and I am very disappointed.

  2. Laura, I’m sorry you’re so disappointed – I would be too, although I didn’t go today.

    At Circa we had several calls about it, but we didn’t know any more than the information in the above “flyer”. Perhaps if you write to the email address listed (themarkmakers@gmail.com) and let them know? If it didn’t go ahead for some reason they might be arranging another and can hopefully make it up to you and others who have been inconvenienced.

    I have a lot of vintage fabrics too, from the ’20s-’70s and hope to be bringing them into the shop in the next few months – just need to create a space for them. Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Hello, yes we were there at stall 64 and the sale was a big success. We were there from 7am so I am sorry that you missed us. Camberwell market is huge so we might have gone un noticed by you. However over half of the stock was gone by 8am in the morning.
    We will be doing it again at a later date so next time when I know what stall number I am getting I will post it with the flyer.
    But I am sure your day at the market would have been fun, it always is.

  4. I too went along to the Market with very excited friend, keen to do a big shop. Thought I’d be clever, and asked the Rotary guys at the entrance where the Vintage Fabric Sale was, and he looked at me blankly, and said I should go to the Camberwell Town Hall, as there was nothing at the market. We still looked around, in the hope that you might be there, but alas in amongst everthting else there, couldn’t find you. (Surprisingly, you weren’t at the Camberwell Town Hall either – we checked!) We would be keen to give it another go, so please let me know if you’ll be there again, and what the stall number is (or where about’s you’ll be) so we can know where to head.

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