Silk Stocking Stories

Stockings and suspenders are an essential part of creating a vintage look for a modern gal, but even Dita can’t duplicate the saucy elegance of old photos and the irreverent look of an immoral woman.

Beneath the cut are some of my favourite pics, collected over the years from assorted Livejournal communities. Dating from the Edwardian era to the early 1960s, all are work-safe: containing luscious thighs and scanties but no actual nudity….many were exceedingly racy back in the day and many are fetishistic: then as now. I’ve displayed them roughly in era order, so you can observe the different approaches (and increased raunchiness) as we go.

A good friend mentioned that her husband enjoyed a post I once wrote about vintage stockings…so Chris, this one is for you and also for the rest of us who hanker for a bit of vintage sexy-style glamour – the best sort.

As always, to see each image in full click and then to see in full size, click again.

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