Spring has sprung: vintage florals in stock now.

A lady came in the shop earlier and said that she hadn’t realised that we were a shop, because when she looked at the website, it looked like we just organised events!

Nothing could be further from the truth – Circa functions mainly as a buyer and seller of good quality vintage clothing, it’s just that I don’t often post to the website about our stock because I get lots of email enquiries from people who want to buy it and we’re not an online shop – if however, you’re interested in anything we have, we’d love you to visit and try it on and see if it’s to your liking.

As far as organising events go, we do from time to time but most of the events mentioned here are independent, they’re things that I like and think that you might like to know about too.

Now – onto the reason for today’s post – we’ve been working hard to get new stock in for spring/summer and especially, we love vintage florals. Here are some of the prints from garments currently in, the eras date from the 1930s to the late 1970s. Apologies for posting so many, it was hard to choose favourites and they make a nice collection, don’t you think?

Most of these are frocks (because we love frocks) but they include skirts, blouses, jackets and swimsuits. I was tempted to include scarves but then we really would have hundreds!


  1. That very last print (bottom right hand corner) – I have the exact same one in a flocked organza that I recently found in the op shop. I’ve been trying to come up with ideas of what to make with it. It would make a perfect over skirt for a dress in the same print…

  2. That’s amazing! This one is a rayon blouse from the 1930s. Perhaps a nice accompaniment for a flocked skirt? You could use the fabric over a taffeta petticoat or lining.

  3. Ack! The print in the middle of the first row is to *die* for. Tell me it’s not a size 8 dress so I don’t die of the disappointment caused by knowing I can’t go try it on.

  4. Clare, I’m sorry to say that it is a size 8 dress – it’s a 50s dress, a special order for a special customer I’ve been looking for a good floral for. You’ll be pleased to know that she loved it and is giving it a good home! I hope that makes the heart ache a bit better?

    Glad you like it, there are so many beautiful dresses and florals out there. You must come and see us when you can visit, as I’d love to find something nice for you too.

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