The Fedora Lounge visits Circa!

On Saturday, The Fedora Lounge held it’s first ever Melbourne meet. It was a very busy day with many cocktail bars and the Deco exhibition at the NGV all squished in there, along with a spat of charlestoning.

Anna and I were working in the shop on Saturday, but a few of the Loungers were able to meet me for a morning coffee at the Gertrude Street Enoteca and a bit of a Show and Tell at Circa.

It’s not often I get a chance to show an appreciative audience some of favourite 1920s and 1930s garments undergoing restoration.

Mojito and Splatt – I’m in the middle, holding the Art Deco catalogue.

Mojito and new friend, the Arctic Fox – I suspect she rather liked it.

Loungers blending in at Pelligrini’s.

Thanks to Mojito and Splatt for letting me use their photos – for the full set, please see the Fedora Lounge post about the day. Another event is coming up on August 30th. This time I think I’ll tag along for the cocktails!

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  1. I’m *still* dreaming of and raving about the fox to everyone! It looks stunning, and if anything feels even better. But then, Circa in general exceeds expectations. Hope that there’s an even bigger turnout next month for the Fedora Lounge gathering – I’m sorry I’ll be missing it.

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