Opening Night Party – Art Deco at the NGV

Last Thursday we tizzied up and sashayed down to the National Gallery of Victoria for the opening night party of the Art Deco exhibition.

I’m wearing a 1930s silk satin gown with a *very* plunging neckline demurely held together with a diamante clasp, along with a velvet jacket of the era and two deco dress clips. Tim’s wearing an Anton’s jacket and waistcoat, vintage shirt and trousers (you’ll have to visualise the two toned brogues).

Circa was fortunate to have the opportunity to dress the fabulous Candice – aka Super Kawaii Mama – and dress we did! Candice spent the day luxuriating in glamourous style: hair, make up, manicure – all was perfect for the perfect frock. A 1930s silk velvet evening gown which could have been made for her, the fit was so good. The glamour ante was upped by the addition of the lushest 1930s pure white arctic fox fur stole and long white gloves. All eyes were on the most beautiful lady, she looked as if she’d stepped out of a Golden Era of Hollywood film. I meekly followed in her wake, beaming proudly…and took a few photos…

Peter Jago and Candice.

Greg and Heather Walters, with Candice.

And it was nice to see that I’m not the only one who considers Candice worthy of photographing – see The Vine and also Candice’s own blog Super Kawaii Mama Deco Dreams. I’m sure more will turn up in the social pages around the place – it almost seemed as if the photographers were queueing up to photograph her. Such is the need for glamour these days.

More photos from the evening can be seen here.

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