Vogue Cover Archive

Amanda in Vermont, one of the fabulous ladies of the Vintage Fashion Guild has introduced me to a great Vogue site featuring an archive of old covers.

I’m still making my way through the 1920s but can’t resist posting some of my favourites – after all, who doesn’t love a flapper? Inger, I’m looking at you!

Click on the pics for the full version, click again to see it full size.

Pics pinched from the above mentioned Vogue site, with love and appreciation.


  1. Now how on earth did I miss this entry? That’s indicative of how flat-out I’ve been lately! Love it – I’ve only seen one of those before. It’s a glorious world where there are 20s Vogue covers yet to see…I’m off to look at them now!

  2. I love this! I have a question about this post. Will you please contact me via e-mail at your convenience. Thank you.

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