The Golden Age of Couture

Another wonderful exhibition for your diary – it’s a way off yet but promises to be absolutely amazing for those of us who treasure vintage couture at it’s glamourous best.

What: The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957. That’s Dior, sweetie!
Where: Bendigo Art Gallery
When: 7th December 2008 to 22nd March 2008

Details wantonly pinched from the BAG’s website:
Bendigo Art Gallery is proud to announce an outstanding exhibition for Summer 2008-09. The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957, organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum London, will be presented in Australia exclusively at Bendigo Art Gallery.

The Golden Age of Couture explores one of the most glamorous and remarkable decades in fashion history. Starting with the impact of Christian Dior’s New Look after the Second World War, it looks at the work of Dior and his contemporaries during the period when haute couture was at its height.

95% of the garments displayed are from the Victoria and Albert’s own collection (one of the best in the world) – it’s a part of the incredible (and sadly, for me, missed) exhibition which recently closed at the V&A in London – also called The Golden Age of Couture. For those who love books, a fabulous edition is available.

This is exciting and major – here’s a pic from the V&A show – Chiffon evening gown by Jean Desses.

50s Jean Desses evening gown


  1. A little off topic maybe, but a plea for you to think about the ethics of buying fashionclothes. Do try and think about, for example, the materials the items are made with, the conditions of the factories where they’re made and the ethics of the clothes retailer. Oh, and endeavour to pass on, rather than discarding. Thanks!!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment Ray, but I can assure you that as a vintage buyer, restorer and seller, I’m doing what I can to “pass on” rather than discard.

    I make it a point to buy second hand where ever I can in my life because I agree, there are many issues with new clothing and we already have a lot of under-utilised things in the world already.

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