Photography: 1940s ladieswear.

Some snapshots from our session on WW2 fashions: 1939 to 1946 (the extra year is because fashions took a while to change after the war). I love this era! These garments are from my own private collection, and that of Dr Lynn Savery – and be warned, there are lots.

Wool princess line coat.
40s green coat

One of my favourite dresses: you might see me wearing this in the shop.
40s swirly dress

Bathing suit.
40s bathing suit 2

Cotton floral dress.
40s cotton floral

Rayon floral crepe (another from my own wardrobe).
40s floral crepe

Dancing dress – and gold dress from Lynn’s wardrobe.
40s dancing dress/Lynn’s gold

Early ’40s printed suit – Lynn’s.
40s floral suit

Sateen jacket (actually crimson).
Banana room jacket

Lynn’s summer jacket.
40s jacket

Linen summer suit.
40s summer suit

Crepe wedding dress with diamante buttons.
40s wedding dress

Going away dress – originally grey, the fabric has changed colour over the years.
40s going away dress

Lynn Savery’s blue wool coat.
40s Lynn’s blue coat


  1. i have a coat in the same stlye as the wool princess line coat that i picked up at the local antique shop and i think its absoloutley beautiful! i was searching for its style date and came accross your website and i will definately now be reguarly visiting!

  2. I need a pretty form fitted 1940’s style wedding dress that is reasonably priced for my tiny wedding in December. I like the white crepe wedding dress and want to know more about it and any other 1940’s style wedding dresses.

  3. Hi Sabra, nice to hear from you! Are you able to pop into Circa sometime and we chat about what you’d to wear? Open hours are Tues-Sat, 11am to 6pm.

  4. Hello! I am in love with the White Crepe wedding dress you have here – could you tell me anything about the brand so I may be able to find one here in california? Thank you 🙂

  5. It’s a beautiful dress, Julia but it doesn’t have a label I’m afraid – and it’s unusual style even for the era. Perhaps if you found a good dressmaker, they could copy it for you? It’s floorlenghth – there’s another photo of it here, I included in it in the fashion parade for the launch of my book Love Vintage:
    40s crepe wedding gown.

  6. Id like to know how to buy these clothes on the front of the page,,,,I have no idea,,,,help please

  7. Sorry Cindy, but these ones aren’t for sale – they’re from my private collection and also that of Lynn Savery. They’re featured in my book “Love Vintage”.

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