The Costume Collection: Edwardian era

Part four of the series of photos taken at Loel Thomson’s Costume Collection on Monday.

I’ve taken “Edwardian” to cover the period from 1900 to 1920, and it encompasses one of my favourite eras, the “teens”. Garments from the teens are hard to find, however, and most of these come from the earlier part of the era.

In many ways, the Edwardian era is the last one of grandeur – it’s the transition between the ornate and detailed hand-made and hand-finished clothing of the Victorians and the ’20s when all the rules went out the window. Whilst quite wearable, clothes of this era tend to look very “costumey” on the modern wearer.

1912 Wedding
1912 wedding

More pics below the link:

Edwardian walking suit
Edwardian fur
Edwardian coat
Edwardian blouses

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