Happening Things.

It’s been a busy week – Monday saw a meeting with my photographer: book is chugging along. Looks like there might be a road trip to the Blue Mountains to shoot the Darnell Collection, later in the year. Much to do. Gertrude Street Enoteca is Circa’s boardroom, and I couldn’t wish for a better one.

Most exciting was a meeting with the costume buyer for “The Pacific”, yep, the Steven Spielberg-Tom Hanks production. “I love the way you do vintage with dignity” she said. TP is set in WW2, and conveniently enough I’m mad about women’s wear of that era, and have a few mens pinstripe suits as well. I set up a rack in the shop and filled it with about thirty frocks including some great florals. They want to hire, not buy, which is great because it means they can have some of my best things, frocks from my own collection and wardrobe, and special things I’m not ready to sell yet. The costume designer is Penny Rose who did all three “Pirates of the Carribbean”. Hopefully she’ll come to Circa too, to see the lovely things we picked out for the project – and then I’ll be only one degree of seperation from Johnny Depp.

Thursday night was the talk for the Art Deco Society. Kali Rose modelled eight outfits with accessories: two from the 1920s, and three each from the ’30s and ’40s, and we displayed the same number of shoes from the eras too. I was nervous but it all seemed to go well. Whilst Miss Rose slipped into each outfit, I answered questions from the audience. It was a packed room: they said that eighty had RSVPed but I think we had more than that, as every chair was taken and there were lots around the edges of the room.

The following morning one of the ladies present (a good customer) rushed in to buy one of the hats, and there were a few more visits that day and Saturday. One of the audience wants to paint Miss Rose and I.

In other news, sad to report that much loved Codename Tom next door are looking for larger premises. They’re currently offering 25% off all stock so if you fancy any of their goodies, I recommend a visit.


  1. May I say that was an excellent presentation you gave at the ADS? I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can say the crowd was quite captured by it.

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